Welcome to the online catalogue for The Tank Factory UK. We design and print miniatures for collectors and gamers. Each 3D printed miniature is made with locally sourced PLA filament at the highest possible quality our machines can handle. This creates a tough model in a sustainable material. We also sell licensed 3D printed miniatures designed by some of the best modellers, such as Bergman and TigerAce. 

Scale & finish
All of our models are made in standard 28mm / 1:56 scale (contact me for custom orders in other scales such as 1:48 or 1:100 etc) which is the same as Warlord Games miniatures. Some models can also be ordered in other scales. Please contact us for custom orders like this. The price difference will be proportional to the size change in the model. Other scales can also be printed by request. Please get in touch. Models are printed, loose parts, supporting material and other pieces removed and cleared before shipping. We also sell the miniature unfinished for a substantial discount. These models will  require cleaning up yourself, and will require additional time and skill. It's a great way to save money, or to get a few extra tanks for no extra cost! By default we charge an extra 1/3 on top for finished models.

What will I receive?
Each model will be printed and assembled, with turrets and optional weapons kept separate. There is no building required for our vehicles. They are given a basic cleanup up, and do not require any additional work before being spray undercoating. There may be small amounts of flash of bit to remove, though we do our best to ship them cleaned up and ready to go. All the catalogue images show the kind of finish you can expect.

The Order Process
All items are custom made to order, and it takes 20+ hours to make and finish a single tank. We aim to ship all orders within 10-15 working days, though if your order is a very big one it may take longer. If we have a queue of order it may take a little longer. If you have any questions about your order, simply drop us an email.

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